Scenics Prince George , BC, Alberta, Yukon, Alaska

Scenes I come across between my home and wherever, demanding to be photographed.
bridge through river fog soft 19 DSC 0075 Salmonm Valley Farm 19X12 9508 cows in line 0068 sun on hay bales3
horses head up DWM 6239 horses forage in snow 3006 city hall trees and snow barn and fence and dogBW8x10 0799
fence shadow on snow Dave Milne windlip26 Twig snow grass 0190 Flood Ice 6294 cluculz frosty branch1206
ss snow edit  silver star snow arch  dave milne feb 11 01 PG ice flood 7609x  Ice backs up aganst pilings on the Cameron Street Bridge which was demolished then reconstructed on the same pilings as a two-lane bridge cameron street bridge walker 2005  Cameron Street Bridge before destruction and reconstruction DWM7050 redriver 8x12
moon over city composite2  Moon over Prince George moons stages of eclipse DSC 0847 DWM2277 DSC 1059
tree smoke 8x10 1295 cluculz smoke8x12 8511  cluculz smoke e-mailed dave milne may 30 05 A coumn of smoke towers into the sky south of Cluculz Lake Monday afternoon.  LAKE AT BOTTOM OF PHOTO DSC 5026 randyt tina  cluculz766 DSC 3943
cluculz lightning Dave Milne aug8 08. 5216  lightning strikes southwest of Cluculz Lake during a thunderstorm Thursday evening. Dave Milne photo Cluculz lightning2 5176 sunsetlake5x7 Clucuklz Kayak singer 11X16 4216 kayaks cluculz 6152
kayak paddle drip 8x10 6799 DWM2317 fall colors end driveway 16X24 7662 JAN Teichman pond and snow 8x11 6218 DSCx 0841
DWM 6597x DWM1358 sunset and rain panorama DWM 5694 sun shafts 2093
DSC 0818 DWM 2212  Falls, Jasper Parkway HWY 752 alberta 85x11 8686 DWM 2287 DWM 2818x
cluculz creek winter 2007 4065 DWM8467 1 DWM8579 8599 Panorama DWM8325 1
DWM8713 1 Kitwanga totem bw 8721 DWM8702 ksan72-501BW Murray Ridge 17.75X11.66  3081
xDWM3049 Tabor Crown 3232 DWM9959 Yukon 5035 Yukon 5073
Tagish lake Panorama19 DWM5388 Vancouver shore 6202 Robson Panorama Farm Panorama1
DWM2184 9 August crop and cayote Ashcroft 2302 Haida Gwai 2906 zHaida Gwai 3198 DWM3295
Tow hill forest haida Gwai Panorama1 Haida Gwai 3752 winter boats and snow in swamp 1718 DWM7438 DWM8154
10 OCTOBER Alberta harvest 8574 25 DWM8600 DWM8625 DWM8635 DWM8642
DWM8645 DWM8657 DWM8666 DWM8673 DWM8676
DWM8677 DWM5030 DWM5037 07Burns lake clouds 85x11 9090 DWM9122
Ferry sailboat in sun NEF DWM9219 DWM9294 DWM9318 DWM9341 DWM9347
DWM9360 DWM9387 Uculet Panorama2 DWM9998 DWM0416
Long Beach crow NEF DWM0525 DWM0579 Martin mars plane  sun  NEF DWM0580 DWM0586 DWM9311
DWM4461 DWM4511 Glacier and sun 4697