Wildlife Canada, US, Australia, Mexico, Cuba

Animal and wildlife photographs I have taken in the wild and in captivity.
duck water colors retouched 85X11 7553  Rare Speckled Duck, Australia - zoo DWM 85X11 7248  Pink Cockatoo schmoozing with an Eclectus Parrot, Australia Sanctuary birds 5x7 7489  Male and Female Eclectus Parrots, Australia, Sanctuary DWM7483  Eclectus Parrot, Australia Sanctuary DWM7522  Eclectus Parrot, Australia Sanctuary
Parakeet 6568  Parakeet, Australia DWM7722  Black Cockatoo, Australia Sanctuary tiger 8x11 7111  Bengal Tiger, Australia Sanctuary 2aPortland zoo lion 6467  Female Lion, Portland Sanctuary 2Cheeta friend Portland 6488  Cheeta, Portland Sanctuary
DWM 85X11 7001  Elephants, Australia Sanctuary zebra 7227  Zebra, Australia Sanctuary Giraffe peeking 7133  Peeking giraffe, Australia Sanctuary DWM1424  Surfacing Hippo, Australia Sanctuary dont bite me 6991  Sea Lion Oregon Coast
7bite me 6995  Sea Lion Oregon Coast 111a Alligator Christmas Florida 1954  Alligator, Christmas Florida 112 Alligators Christmas Florida 1953  Alligators, Christmas Florida blue heron Christmas Florida 1826  Blue Heron, Christmas Florida 117 Egrets Christmas Florida 2006  Great Egrets, Christmas Florida
butterfly 7629  Butterfly, Australia DWM7624  Butterfly, Australia DWM0330 JUL praying mantis 8x11 476   Praying mantas, "Stick Bug", Australia DSC 4529x  Baby Clownfish, "Nemo", Australia
DSC 4558x  Sting Ray underside looks like a face Sonora Desert Musem lizard friend 2 0053  Sonoran desert Lizard, Arizona sand bird 9402  Snowy Egret, Mexico beach egret 8309 Mexico PV 2014 8342
Egret and fish 2 8353 bird silhouette over water 8944 DWM 2219x  Surf sandpiper, Mexico pelican landing 2212x  Brown Pelican landing, Mexico pelican eye 2409x  Brown pelican with breeding plumage, Mexico
DWM 2414x  Brown pelican with breeding plumage, Mexico DWM 2283  Diving Brown pelican, Mexico Magnificent Frigate Birdx 9882  Magnificant Frigatebirds, Mexico Mine Mine Mine Fighting Frigates  Magnificant Frigatebirds fighting over fish, Mexico frigate fight 0555  Magnificant Frigatebirds fighting over fish, Mexico
DWM 2916x  Whale of a tale, Mexico DSC 4537x DSC 4546x DSC 5746x DSC 5770
IMG 0559  Crowing mexican Crow DWM0677  Bat hanging on a fence, Mexico Iguana and stork Mexico 1526 12Calendar 2011 8X11 blue heron Christmas Florida 1988 emu 7442
DWM7617  Butterfly, Australia DWM7642 calgary tiger cub 85x11 8329 08 DWM8339 10 DWM8373
Gorilla 8434 19 DWM8469 20 DWM8483 Hippo eyes 8506 DWM8533
DWM1827 Paamul Iguana fight 1915 vulture 2163 Paamul iguana mouith open 2717 6 JUNE iguana 3188
Iguana 3215 DWMx0200 DWM x 0263 028 DWMx0218 5 April Cal14 Whale watch 0286
031 DWM x 0254 DWM1917 Panda 1 3173 Panda 3343 224 DWM3377
DWMx3398 13 Dec Cal14 Panda 3415 polar bear 3450 Cal14 Flamingo 3491 233 DWMx3534
234 DWM3557 237 DWM3583