Wildlife Prince George, BC, Alberta, Yukon, Alaska

Local animals in my backyard and in the wild wherever I find them.
deer leaping fence  Deer leaping a fence, near Vanderhoof eagle Xmas Card 2424  Eagle on nest, Cluculz lake, BC loon cries on Carp Lake 3923  A loon gives an evening cry across Carp Lake north of Prince George Loon and baby 8X12 0686  Mother Loon protecting her chick, Cluculz Lake, BC loon and baby Dave Milne  710  Mother Loon and chick, Cluculz lake, BC
merganse r20inch 9535  Mother Merganser and large brood, Cluculz Lake, BC Mergansers in a row 1902 sleeping mergansers Cluculz Lake 7790   Mother Merganser and sleeping chicks, Cluculz Lake, BC logs bird and lake 8X10 1008 moose and calves Tyner Blvd  near UNBC
moose in city limits Dave Milne Moose on highway 11.5X16.7 300 1894 Jasper Elk Dave Milne Elk female Jasper 2021 zHaida Gwai 2972
Bee on flower 7956 7X7 bee 4630 8x10 7948 butterfly4088 snake 8x10 9184
pine grossbeak 9874 HB Slough PG yellow-rumped warbler 8040 Hoary redpoll 9648 white capped sparrow 8371 woodpecker960
bird and berry964 blackbird35-55 2156 chickadee in tree 5395 Purple finch 9535 Hoary redpoll 9671
pine grossbeak 9862 DWM0349 Purple Finch 7537 DWM7668 HB Slough Yellow Rumped Warblers 2010 8036
HB Slough birds 2010 8062 Purple Finch 8392 P1000192 chickadee 9484 HB Slough bird in cattails 7935
blackbird 8X12x 2156  Red-winged blackbird, BC blackbird8x10 2170  Red-winged blackbird, BC DWM7851 bird woodpecker Dave Milne  8283  Pileated Woodpecker, BC adjusted8x10 8276  Pileated Woddpecker, BC
DSC 8297 Woodpecker and wolf 0318 DWM 5161x Rufus male 7294 Rufus female 7286
Calliope 7156 Moricetown salmon jumping 3811 DSC0214x Pine grossbeak and berries 3913 Pine Grossbeak eating Mountain Ash berries 3902
swans landing Dave Milne   4403x swans in flight Dave Milne   4475 DWM 4499 swan in flight banded  Banded Trumpeter Swan taking off near Vanderhoof, BC. This male swan was hatched in 2005 or earlier, 25 miles NW of Galena, Alaska and banded by Caryl E Buck  August 3, 2006. The photo was taken in March of 2007.  Information is from the US Geological  Survey and The Candian Wildlife Survice. DWM swans 4503x sleepy swans 2167
brown bear 8x10 6658 black bear 85x11 6675  Black Bear and Fireweed, Yukon Dandelion Bear Atlin 5415  Dandelion eating Black Bear, Yukon Black Bear eats Dandelion Dave Milne  5418.jpg grizzly bear Dave Milne  5311  Grizzly Bear, Yukon
grizzly bear 85x11 5313  Grizzly Bear, Yukon dump bear 8X10 861 dump bear Dave Milne  868 P1010664 squirrel april 27 2010 6897
squirrel in tree squirrel in tree 5439 squirrel at feeder1192 08squirrel bird feeder 85x11 1056 DWM 6393 mallard duck  8x10
elk Dave Milne  1998 goat 2255 pelicans resting 8x10 6674  White Pelicans, Pelican Lake, BC Mountain sheep Golden Dave Milne  2088  Big Horn Sheep, Golden, BC DWM2994
DWM4784 DWM2011  Feeding Canada Goose, Alberta DWM2083 10bearded heron 85x11 9499 whales blowing Quadra Island NEF DWM9574
whales tail Quadra Island NEF DWM9575 75 whale tail Quadra Island NEF DWM9578 DWM9580 71dolphin jumping 85x11 9620 Orca jumping 85x11 9704
4 APRIL Island eagle 9865 Long Beach crow NEF DWM0525 DWM1416